RATS Cycling Club (RATS) brings together mountain bike, cyclocross & bike trials riders of all ages and experience in the SE QLD area. The club runs a number of races each year, has social rides each week and are active in a number of trail care programs as well as providing an advocacy to expand the areas available for mountain bike riding.

Our partnership with Logan Community Trail Care Alliance (LCTA) has seen a number of new, world class, mountain bike specific trails developed in recent years. This has been achieved through the partnership of passionate volunteers and the relevant land managers. LCTA uses best practice trail building techniques to create recreational experiences that are not only fun for users, but also sustainable and complementary to the local environment.

Thinking of joining RATS Cycling Club

The best way to get to know us and decide if our club is for you is to join one of our regular Saturday Morning Social rides. The first ride is free and you will find us very friendly with experienced ride leaders happy to give you riding tips. All social rides are just that "social" and groups maintain contact at each trail junction ensuring you don't get lost. No one gets left behind on our social rides. More details here.

Coming to our races is another way to check us out, we aim to have an entry level category at each of our races. All our races along with others in South East QLD are listed at:

If you want to do some cross training and get dirty building and maintaining some great trails, then join us at our regular trailcare sessions organised largely through the Logan City Trailcare Alliance. It is a great way to learn about trail design and there is a real feel good factor about contributing to the MTB community. Trailcare is quite social and is a good way to meet like minded people, we usually have a BBQ at the end of the session. Kids are welcome to come with their parents, we'll find useful jobs for them as it is not all heavy work. We list our trailcare sessions along with others in South East QLD at:

The club is completely run by volunteers and so we are always looking for volunteers. There are administrative positions, ride leader positions, trailcare coordination positions, race track preparation positions, race day positions. If you have a passion for something cycling orientated, then we'll support you and create a position. That's how Cyclocross started at the club. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and meet new people in a supportive safe to fail environment.

Need more information, then Contact Us has our contact details.


Membership of RATS Cycling Club offers the benefits of club membership combined with membership of Mountain Bike Australia Inc (MTBA), the nation's peak mountain bike association.

Being a Club Member gives you access to :

  • RATS Central Facebook Group
    • You receive 12 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP from the date of application.
    • On receipt of your membership form and fee, the club will email a receipt.
    • A membership card will be posted to you by MTBA, and this process can take up to 6 weeks. Please retain your receipt, as it will act as proof of your membership in the interim.
    • Take your MTBA membership card or receipt to all races as it needs to be sighted to confirm entry. If you are unable to present your card you will be asked to buy a day licence for $25.

MTBA provides insurance cover including:

    • Public Liability, Product Liability
    • Personal Indemnity, Professional Indemnity
    • Tragedy Benefit: Disability Benefit, Income Protection, Non-Medicare expenses
    • Cover is 24 hours 7 days a week. Full details of insurance cover here.


If Club / MTBA members also require membership of

then visit their websites to acquire it.

'CLUB ONLY' membership

'Club Only' membership is available to people who have already joined MTBA through another club and who wish to receive the benefits of this club. You must supply proof of MTBA membership with your application form, with details of membership type and renewal date. This proof must be provided to the club each time you renew your MTBA insurance.






Racing, Senior (19 & over)




Racing, Junior (13 to under 19 on 31 Dec)




CA/BMXA/ADCC value add, Senior (19 & over)




CA/BMXA value add, Junior (13 to under 19 on 31 Dec)




Children (3 to under 13 on 31 Dec)




Recreation, Senior (19 & over)




Recreational, Junior (13 to under 19 on 31 Dec)




Club Only, Senior




Club Only, Junior




Payment options:


RATS Cycling Club Inc. is a not-for-profit association incorporated on 6/6/1995 under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The club Rules are based on the model rules issued in conjunction with the act.

Incorporation Number: IA 15244

ABN: 84 838 939 170

RATS Constitution

In addition, RATS Cycling Club Inc. is affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia Inc which is incorporated under the ACT Associations Incorporations Act. All club members are required to be a member of MTBA. MTBA provides insurance recommended under incorporation.

All club members are therefore bound by:

  • RATS Constitution
  • Qld Associations Incorporation Act 1981
  • MTBA Constitution
  • MTBA Code of Conduct
  • ACT Associations Incorporation Act 1991

Under the Qld Associations Incorporation Act and the RATS Constitution, the management committee has final responsibiity for the control and management of the club. The management committee consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary and are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The management committee may delegate some powers to a subcommittee considered appropriate by the committee. The sub-committee may only act as far as their delegated powers allow.

Refer to Contact Us for current management committee and sub-committee positions.


  • MTBA membership is compulsory for all senior and junior members. MTBA membership or a Day Licence is required for life members who participate in club events.


  • MTBA membership is compulsory for members. 'Club Only' membership is available to people who have already joined MTBA through another club.
    Such a member must supply proof of MTBA membership, with details of membership type and renewal date. This proof must be provided to the club each time MTBA insurance is renewed.

    A club-only member will have all the rights of other members including:
    - full voting rights;
    - the right to hold a position on the management committee, with full access to member and club information;
    - full electronic access rights to the website and other accounts.

    The member is not required to declare the other club(s) of which he/she is a member.
    [GM 07/12/2009]



General meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, March to December, 7:00pm. All members are invited to attend. The agenda is published on the RATS Central Facebook Group.


The Annual General Meeting is typically held on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of February.

Nominations to the Management Committee can be made using this form.


Minutes, Financial and other reports are published here.


The program is open to Club volunteers only who are recognised annually by the following methods:

  • Management Committee: Free Racing, Senior membership
  • Subcommittee Members who attend at least 4 General Meetings per year: Free Racing, Senior membership
  • Administration staff (Website/Facebook/Membership) who volunteer more than 20 hours per year: Free Racing, Senior membership
  • Essential Race Staff (Commissaire/Race Director, Timing, Administration) and Official Race Photographer who volunteer at least 3 races per year: Free Racing, Senior membership
  • Race Track Maintainers: Free race entry per 6 hours of race track maintenance
  • Race Day Staff: Free meal
  • Social Ride Leaders who volunteer at least 10 rides per year: Free Racing, Senior membership
  • Trail Care Leaders: Free Racing, Senior Membership

[GM 9/7/2012, 11/3/2014]


Documents are published here.

Club History

The Southside Rats club formed in 1993. On 6/6/1995 it was incorporated as the Southside Racing and Touring Social Mountain Bike Club changing to Brisbane South Mountain Bike Club on 29/6/2006 and then to RATS Cycling Club on 15/3/2016.

The club conducted Australia's first trailcare workshop on 25/9/1995.

Past President and Life Member Helen Walker has been collating historical documents here.

Please let us know through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have additional historical club information to share.